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Christian Women in Pakistan are afflicted with double discrimination and marginalization

By Shumaila Gill und S. Sheeky, Pakistan

Shumaila Gill (24) lives in Lahore and has a master's degree in Sociology. As a Christian she is opposed to the disadvantage against women and supports religious minorities.

Shumaila Gill (24) lives in Lahore and has a master’s degree in Sociology. As a Christian she is opposed to the disadvantage against women and supports religious minorities. (Foto: private)

Shumaila Gill lives as a Christian in Lahore in Pakistan. Her concern is to call attention to the situation of religious minorities and especially to the situation of women. In the following text she describes discrimination of women in Pakistan, because of their commitment to their Christian faith. She calls for changes in the government so that women in Pakistan will get the same status and respect as men.

Lahore – Women form an important part in building the society and our lives. Being a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend and a mother a woman’s responsibilities increase with time. Despite the role she plays, her abilities, status and existences are under-estimated, degraded and she is exploited merely on the basis of her gender which is considered less than that of a man.

Pakistan is a country where women are in minority as compared to men according to a survey this ratio is 49:51 it means that women are 49% of the total population then men which is 51% this ratio clearly shows that there are large number of men as compared to women due to which, women faces numerous challenges in their social, political and economic life as compared to men and if we talk about the  women from minority religion either she is Hindu ,Sikh ,Christian or Ahmadi their  situation is  worse because she faces double discrimination and marginalization. Mehr lesen

India after the election: “The threats are not just Christians and Muslims as minority; but human rights and human dignity is at stake”

Der indische katholische Priester und Menschenrechtsaktivist Ajaya Kumar Sing aus Odisha. Foto:

Der indische katholische Priester und Menschenrechtsaktivist Ajaya Kumar Sing aus Odisha. Foto:

missio-Partner Fr. Ajay Kumar Singh ist katholischer Priester und Menschenrechts-Aktivist in Bhubanes im Bundesstaat Orissa. Er setzte sich besonders für die Aufklärung von Angriffen gegen Christen in Orissa und gegen Moslems im Bundesstaat Gujdarat ein. Für sein Engagement hat er dafür unter anderem einen Preis der Nationalen Kommission für Minoritäten in Indien bekommen. Johannes Seibel stellte ihm am heutigen Freitag, 16. Mai, mehrere Fragen zum Wahlsieg der hindunationalistischen Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) und dessen Kandidaten Narendra Modi. 

Frage: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is most probably going to win the election of India new Parliament, Narendra Modi most probably the new Premier of India. What does this mean for “non-Hindu”-minorities like Muslims and Christians?

Fr. Ajay Kumar Singh: We hope BJP does not get absolute majority. Even if it does not get majority, the scenario, still could be grim as the parties who would support it would know what Modi and Sangh Parivar stood for. On earlier occasion, there were pretensions and conditionalities. Those who have left earlier coalitions of BJP on the basis of Gujarat and other communal violence could join coalition mean they care less about the communal violence less more about the history of it.

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Erzbischof Kaigama bedankt sich für Solidarität “BringBackOurGirls”

Der Vorsitzende der katholischen Bischofskonferenz von Nigeria, Erzbischof Ignatius Kaigama, hat sich in einer kurzen Mail bei missio Aachen für die Unterstützung der Aktion “BringBackOurGirls” bedankt. Sie unterstützt alle Bemühungen, mehr als 200 von der islamistischen Gruppe Boko Haram entführte Schulmädchen zu finden und zu befreien. Hier die Mail im Wortlaut:

Erzbischof Ignatius Kaigama. Foto: missio

Erzbischof Ignatius Kaigama. Foto: missio

Thank you all for the concern demonstrated in the abduction of the school girls in Nigeria. I pray that all the activities being embarked upon in different parts of the world will bear fruits soon. I am very impressed by the goodwill demonstrated by nations and groups. Happily, the world is coming together over this. I pray that if we succeed in resolving this, the countries of the world will continue to  collaborate with such intensity to overcome all other serious problems that afflict different parts  of the world. I believe that  it is possible.

zu Deutsch:

Ich danke Euch dafür, wie sehr Ihr Euch für die entführten Schulmädchen in Nigeria einsetzt. Ich bete dafür, dass alle solchen Aktion, die in allen Teilen der Welt initiiert worden sind, bald Früchte tragen. Ich bin von dem guten Willen sehr beeindruckt, den die Völker und alle diese Gruppen zeigen. Glücklicherweise schweißen solche schwere Zeiten die Menschen und die Völker zusammen. Ich bete dafür, dass, wenn jetzt diese Sache mit den entführten Schulmädchen gelöst werden kann, die Völker der Erde mit der gleichen Intensität zusammenarbeiten, um all’ der anderen Konflikte Herr zu werden, von denen verschiedensten Regionen in aller Welt betroffen sind. Ich glaube, das ist möglich.

The Story of Nigeria’s Stolen Girls: The World waits in Anger

Fr. Maurice Kwairanga. Foto: Privat

Fr. Maurice Kwairanga. Foto: Privat

Von Rev. Fr. Maurice Kwairanga (Nigeria)

The Nigerian Government to say the least appears to be too weak and lacking the capability to stem the tide of the Islamic fundamentalism besieging Northeast Nigeria called Boko Haram for over five years. Their intention is to implant sharia law and forceful conversion to Islam. In a recent video posted on youtube, Sheik Shekau the leader of this evil sect said, “My brothers cut the throats of infidels. You will soak the earth with the blood of infidels. We will kill and kill. The smell of infidels is enough. If you repent and embrace Islam I will spare you,” he boasted openly with armed followers in front of armored vehicles.

On the abduction of these innocent schoolgirls, he admitted that his group was responsible for the act. He had earlier warned all girls in particular to desist from going to school and get married instead as early as the age of nine or face the consequences if caught. “Leave going to school. I will sell women who go to school. I will sell you off as slaves. God has commanded me to sell women”, he said with beaming smiles of an indomitable conqueror in the video. The most annoying thing is that no one seems to know exactly how many girls were abducted from the dormitories in the dead of night in the Government Girls Secondary School Chibok in Askira Local Government of Borno State Nigeria.

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Terror in Nigeria: “A sad reminder of our collective vulnerability and evidence of a severely weak state”

By Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, Sokoto, Nigeria

Matthew Hasan Kukah ist Bischof der Diözese Sokoto in Nigeria. Für ihn ist die Korruption eine der Ursachen für den Terror von Boko Haram. Foto: missio / Bettina Tiburzy

Matthew Hasan Kukah. Foto: missio / Bettina Tiburzy

There is a sense of numbness, helplessness and even some degree of shame at what is happening to our country. On a larger scale what is more disturbing is the sheer scale of the waste of human lives in our country. In one week, we have lost across the country, and outside the immediate area of Boko Haram, over 500 lives. This is troubling because terror is circling around the entire country, people dying from so called Fulani killers who are hunting down entire communities as happened in the last two weeks in Katsina, Kaduna and Zamfara states where in each instance over 150 people lost their lives.

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Pakistan: Extremism, biased syllabus and disassociation is derailing peace, experts say

Schreibunterricht mit Kreide und Minischiefertafel - Alltag in der Dorfschule Khipro in Sindh, Südpakistan. (Foto: Hartmut Schwarzbach/missio)

Schreibunterricht mit Kreide und Minischiefertafel – Alltag in der Dorfschule Khipro in Sindh, Südpakistan. (Foto: Hartmut Schwarzbach/missio)

Leading Human Rights activists have held twisted religious teachings and hate material in textbooks responsible for prevalent unrest in the country.

Incorporating the concept of religion in wars was the biggest mistake; the experts said “its effects won’t wear off easily”.

In a discussion program titled “Role of Youth in Peace building” organized March 22 2014 in Lahore, the panel of experts highlighted motivational skills for peace awareness, urged youth to accept followers of different faiths, think above school syllabus and understand the true message of every religion.

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Nigeria: Islamisten befreien Gefängnisinsassen in Giwa, plündern Waffenarsenal und nehmen Maiduguri ein

Von Pfarrer John Bakeni, aus der Diözese Maiduguri, Nigeria

Von neuen Unruhen in Maiduguri berichtet Pfarrer John Bakeni aus der Diözese Maiduguri, Nigeria. Die islamistische Terror-Gruppe Boko Haram befreite an die tausend Verbündete aus den Militärbarracken in Giwa und plünderten das dortige Waffenarsenal am vergangenen Freitag. Die schwer bewaffneten Männer nahmen anschließend die Stadt Maiduguri ein. Pfarrer Bakeni spricht in seinem Bericht an missio über eine angsterfüllte und hoffnungslose Stimmung unter den dortigen Bewohnern. Selbst das Militär komme gegen diese Waffengewalt nicht an. Er bittet für die Menschen in Nigeria zu beten:

Boko Haram wütete bereits Ende Februar 2014 in der Diözese Maiduguri und zerstörte wie hier zu sehen Gebäude des Priesterseminars in Shuwa (Foto: Pfarrer Alex William aus Shuwa)

Boko Haram wütete bereits Ende Februar 2014 in der Diözese Maiduguri und zerstörte wie hier zu sehen Gebäude des Priesterseminars in Shuwa (Foto: Pfarrer Alex William aus Shuwa)

I am writing again to solicit your prayers. As Maiduguri was under siege by the Boko Haram terrorists. We just finished the Holy Mass yesterday (friday, 14.3.2014) at 7:30 am when we were greeted with the deafening sounds of Bomb explosions, Rocket propelled granites, and gun shots. There was confusion and pandemonium everywhere. The attack was specifically targeted at the Giwa Military Barracks with the aim of over-runing the Barracks, freeing their colleagues who are in custody and breaking the Armory of the Cantonment so that they can have enough ammunition to take over the entire city of Maiduguri.

“city of Maiduguri has been under curfew”

The terrorists succeeded in making their way into the barracks and freeing their men in custody who were in their thousands. They killed a few soldiers and civilians and set a few houses ablaze.There was sustained bomb explosions and gun shots for over 3 hours, until the arrival of the Alpha Jet fighter, that assisted in bombing the escaping terrorists and of course there were civilian casualties. The University of Maiduguri community was also affected, as there were bomb explosions too. The city of Maiduguri has been under curfew since yesterday (friday, 14.3.2014) except for pedestrians.

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